...every voice counts

"Yopine is a mobile social network where groups can share opinions and make decisions in a quick, fun way. Users can easily create polls and ask their friends to weigh in. Results come in quickly and will affect real-world actions.  Yopine is a micropolling platform providing rapid feedback on any subject, item or topic while encouraging people to share an opinion on what matters to them."

These results can be succinctly defined as “What do we think?  What do we like?  What do we want to do?”  This concept will be founded in what we call “micropolling”.  Micropolling is brief, single subject and rapid result feedback on any subject, item, topic or discussion imaginable.

Today, Yopine allows you to poll and brainstorm with your local contacts via the iOS app or text message to the HTML5 mobile Web app.   Facebook and Twitter will follow on with both login and posting in subsequent releases.

Yopine will introduce micropolling to the social networking universe.  Yopine will facilitate and enable the natural tendency of humans to make their opinion known.

On April 12, 2013, Yopine debuted in iTunes.  Version 1.0 does one thing, laser focused and simple:

“Ask a Question”.  From there you have three very simple yet powerful options:

  1. Call a Poll:  create 1 to n choices from which your audience will choose
  2. Call a Brainstorm:  let your audience provide you with suggestions/ideas in an ad hoc manner
  3. Private (default) or Public:  keep your audience your close network of friends or open it up to the entire Yopine community.

Features beyond these will be determined by one and only one source:  the Yopine community.  The next weeks and months will be spent conducting usability testing and polling our users as to what is most important to them.  The obvious ones might be photos, comments, follow and #tags.

What makes us different?

Yopine is not “Hot or Not”.  Polls and brainstorms will result in real world actions.  People will go to a specific restaurant or a movie or determine the subject matter for book club based on Yopine polls and brainstorms.

Future plans like “Info-graphically represented poll results” via “Infotainment” will make every poll a rich source of data while making it a fun thing to do on your phone satisfying both sides of the equation.

Building nothing into the product without greater than 65% community buy-in will keep the product a lean, tight, highly usable utility versus a toy or passing fad.