Overcoming Advertisers new age problem of the second screen

March 25
The app Guy Podcast

Gary Mendel, co-founder of Yopine, is aiming to solve the big new age problem for advertisers. The problem of second screen devices interfering with traditional TV ads. As a serial entrepreneur, Gary has a new startup aimed at solving this problem with feedback and engagement solutions.

Profile: Washington, D.C. - District Rising:

Delta Sky Magazine

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Anew economic future is taking shape in Washington, D.C., as tech start-ups and booming construction redefines the city.

The capital of the creative economy is always open for business:  12.26 Studios, Yopine, Finances Demystified, WeWork, Brilliant Collaborations...

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Inside The Phenomenal Rise Of WeWork

November 5
Forbes - Alex Konrad

MORT ZUCKERMAN, THE 77-YEAR-OLD BILLIONAIRE CHAIRMAN of Boston Properties, controls $19.6 billion (market cap) worth of prime office buildings in cities like New York, Washington and San Francisco, and in June 2013 he took a walk through a little real estate business called WeWork that Adam Neumann and his partner, Miguel McKelvey, were building.

....“The old model of office space is dead,” adds startup veteran Gary Mendel, who runs Yopine from a WeWork in the renovated Wonder Bread factory in Washington, D.C.

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SignalFrame neé The Wireless Registry Launches the World's First Free and Open Proximal API

June 19
PR Newswire

WASHINGTON and SAN FRANCISCO, June 19 /PRNewswire/ --  SignalFrame formerly The Wireless Registry Inc., the first global registry for wireless names and identifiers, today announced the launch of the first open and free "proximal API" available to developers anywhere in the world.  This Proximal API enables mobile applications to deliver content or trigger actions based on the wireless signals being detected. This new function allows mobile applications to interact with the billions of wireless signals, like WiFi, Bluetooth and iBeacon, which surround us, yet focuses on the owner of the signal having first say on how they are used.

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Startups to Start Noticing: Yopine

June 4
Brightest Young Things 

Let me know if this sounds familiar: A group of friends who are extremely annoyed by something happening in their collective lives are hanging out, when suddenly, inspiration strikes. It seems almost every startup’s origin story begins with a group of tight knit friends, but for Gary Mendel, the founder of Yopine, that’s really how it happened.

“It’s one of those almost cliché beginnings,” said Mendel. “You’re sitting there with your friends and you want to do something and all of a sudden this idea comes about.”

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9 Apps Made Right Here in DC

February 3
InTheCapital - Billy Mitchell

There's been a huge influx of consumer-facing apps that have launched in D.C. in the past few weeks. While the Washington area is typically known for big software, cybersecurity and so on, you can't forget the awesome applications sprouting life here in the Capital.

With that in mind, we wanted to celebrate those D.C. mobile developers making some stunning mobile programs as of late. This list not only recognizes both the handful of apps that have already launched in 2014 and those that came before that are still demonstrating mobile excellence in the D.C. area.
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Yopine Might be a Social Polling App Now, but Gary Mendel has Big Plans For it

November 25
UberStories - Monika Jansen

Anyone who was starting up back in the late ‘90s and is still at it is – well, maybe crazy, definitely tenacious – but also a certified startup veteran. It’s fair to say that Gary Mendel falls into that category. After a stint at Accenture, Gary went to work for a software company, and through a series of acquisitions, he became friends with a group who ended up becoming his partners in a startup – this was back in 1999. He started another company “that failed miserably,” jumped over to another startup for a year, and then started Yopine in July 2012. 
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Yopine, Real-Time Social Polling App to Launch Version 2.0

October 6
TechCocktail - Stephanie Nguyen

Yopine is the simple, quick and social way to curate decisions and opinions based on real-time and hyperlocal polls and brainstorms. Soon, they will be launching their latest version 2.0 app with segmented contacts, Facebook and Twitter integration and more.

Where should we go for lunch? What should I get mom for her birthday? There are millions of questions we seem to struggle with everyday. We’ve all seen an email or text thread become unwieldy and convoluted on a group thread. Yet we still sift through pages of customer review sites, try to aggregate the majority vote on SMS or end up consulting our friend, the online magic 8 ball for guidance.
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Tech Cocktail Startup Showcase: Less of a Competition, More of a Good Time

September 30
InTheCapital - Billy Mitchell

Early-stage startup founders, investors and tech fans in general came out to 1776's campus last night to booze and schmooze at Tech Cocktail's D.C. Mixer and Startup Showcase. A great crowd showed up to see some of the D.C. startup-world's latest innovations and pick their favorite companies to qualify for Tech Cocktail Celebrate – the publication's new national competition held in Downtown Vegas on October 23 through 25. In the end, however, it sort of left you questioning if the showcase was really about competing or rather a chance to bring players in the startup world together and have a good time.
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Coolest Company: Yopine

September 26
InTheCapital - Billy Mitchell

Raise your hand if you have trouble making decisions. Anyone without a hand up, you're a liar. It's the bane of our existence: opportunity cost, the thing we all learned about in our Intro to Econ courses. Having multiple options to choose from is both a blessing and a curse, and very often the cause of arguments between families, friends and couples. What bar should we go to tonight? What CD do you want to listen to on the roadtrip? What's for dinner?
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Yopine to Present at TechCocktail's DC Mixer & Startup Showcase

September 9
TechCocktail - Zach Davis

Tech Cocktail has traveled the country, from Dallas to DC, Boise to Boston, uncovering the hottest startups in more than 20 cities.  Now, the word is out: winning startups from each city will go onto the next round and get the chance to qualify for Tech Cocktail Celebrate, our new national startup competition held in Downtown Vegas on October 23 – 25. 

DC, here’s your chance to show us what ya got!  Join us at 1776 for an evening of DC’s hottest early-stage startups and cocktails with your neighbors and technophile friends.
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Vote For Me

September 3
LiveMint - Shweta Taneja

Cornflakes or eggs, Samsung or Micromax, or just picking the right kind of chair for the study desk—our lives are filled with choices. Some of the choices are easy to make, for some we need advice from our friends and family. That’s where social polling apps fit in. “Social polling, micro polling, opinion gathering and opinion sharing is the most rapidly growing sector of the mobile sphere,” says Gary William Mendel, co-founder, Yopine, a social polling app. “The reason is that we always have and always will love to give our two cents on matters great and small.” 
These free apps use your existing social networks to offer answers on anything, from which colour suits you better to career decisions. So what are you waiting for? Get out and get an opinion on things or, if you like it better, increase your social quota by giving some free advice to your social connections.
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Monsters University Or Despicable Me 2? Ask All The Right Questions On InstaPoll

July 8
KillerStartups - Keith Liles

Vanilla or chocolate? Rooftop bar or backyard barbecue? Should I buy these peach-colored pants, yes, no? Summer is full of tough questions. And sunshine only complicates choosing. (Just think about all the voting trouble they’ve had in Florida!) Well, here to make decisions a little easier and provide some added entertainment is a new polling app, InstaPoll.
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Can’t Decide Where To Eat Dinner? Let Yopine Polling App Help

July 4
KillerStartups - Holly Hutton

When I lived in New York, I did the social planning for my friends. The problem was that it was New York City, and choosing a restaurant to eat at that everyone agreed on was an extraordinary feat. We make hundreds of decisions a day – where to eat, what to wear, what book to read, what movie to see. A little help with these decisions would be awesome, right. Yopine agrees. This polling app helps make decisions fun, quick, and social.
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7 New Tech Tools to Grow Your Small Business

May 31
BusinessNewsDaily - David Mielach

Tools for Growth:
Despite their best efforts, small business owners face a significant challenge in growing their business. However, new technologies are now giving business owners opportunities they never had. Here are seven technologies and services that can help small business owners in their attempts to grow.
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Mobile Polling Done Right, Check Out 1776 DC Startup YoPine [interview]

May 13
Nibletz - Kyle Sandler

When our good friend Donna Harris left Startup America earlier this year we were really excited about what her and Washington DC Startup America Champion Evan Burfield were going to build. Now 1776 is a reality and the nation’s capital, and the nation for that matter are talking about it.
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Standout iOS apps from TechCrunch Disrupt

May 1
TUAW - Kelly Hodgkins

TechCrunch Disrupt is all about startups, and one of the hottest areas of innovation is mobile apps. Not surprisingly, there were quite a few companies showcasing new and exciting titles on the conference floor. Thanks to the footwork of our own Mike Rose and Doc Rock at Disrupt, we were able to hand-pick several standout iOS apps that were on display. Keep an eye on these companies below -- they may be small now, but they could be the next Instapaper. 
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