Yopine Will Launch at Tech Crunch Disrupt NYC on 4/29/2013

hello friends new and old...i am excited to announce we will be launching in 10 days at tech crunch disrupt (tcd) nyc running 4/29 to 5/1 in awesome manhattan.

on that day, a culmination of well over a year's worth of planning, thinking, chickening out, hemming (and hawing), second guessing, designing, coding, sweating, crying, occasional sleeping, bitching, finger pointing, whining, fun and learning will take its place in startup alley at tcd.

our mvp will be seen by a few or more people.  our focus was singular:  do one thing, do it right and do not overdo it.  that was 4 uses of 'do' in one sentence.  we think, given the chance, people will join us in our belief that there is nothing better in the vast app world than the kind that let you interact with your people...your friends (all while blasting your opinions in every direction of course).

Yopine is a cool way to ask any question to your friends, the public or both.  you may either supply your audience options (call a poll) or you may ask them to chime in with their wisdom (call a brainstorm).  the kicker:  your polls and brainstorms will result in real world actions....results.

after all the hoopla, our most important goal is to build out the product based solely on what we learn from our members (we know some good ways to get feedback).  thank you in a million ways for reading this technically 2nd blog post.  we sincerely hope and plan to keep you around for many more.


- the Yopine team