Yopine Adds Linkedin Integration

By Gary W. Mendel - founder, Yopine

Yopine’s infamous ‘share flower’ just got a little ‘bloomier' with the addition of Linkedin posting integration.  If you don’t know what the share-flower is, open up any poll or brainstorm and long-tap (hold your finger down) anywhere on the screen and a nice 4 petal flower blooms...the share-flower.  Clockwise from the top is Facebook, Link (copies url and poll image to clipboard), Linkedin and Twitter.

This feature has been around since day one in Yopine but it’s intentionally kept out of sight under the thinking that if users know its there, it needn't clutter up the interface.

For those who know and love the share-flower, you will notice the email petal went away.  The truth is that the link petal achieves the same objective, you just have to open your own email client and then paste the link in vs having Yopine bring up the email client.


So the decision was made to make sharing with your Linkedin network after one of our customers named it as their #1 need and concern.  Quite simply, they want to engage their vast Linkedin network in order to understand what types of products and services are right, necessary and needed by people in their line of business. The image-based, simple and clean UX (user experience) of Yopine fit the need and we were able to make it happen in short order.


Thanks to a robust API delivered by Linkedin, Yopine content (polls and brainstorms) can be shared/posted to your Linkedin wall with one tap.  Once you have built and are satisfied with your poll on Yopine, you long-tap-share with Linkedin.  On your first try, you will need to log in to your Linkedin account.  From there your question, image(s) and options travel to your wall seamlessly.  The beauty of what your network members see is that they needn’t have Yopine present to view the content (though we would be glad for the download).  The link comes across and takes non-Yopine users to a an HTML5 mobile web app inside of the Linkedin browser.  This means that your network members have full access to like, share and comment on the poll or brainstorm within Linkedin.


As the world’s largest connected business network with over 300 million registered users in over 200 countries, it was a natural progression for Yopine to enable its customers to be able to share with Linkedin.  At Yopine we focus on doing one thing very well - polling.  Gathering feedback from fans, friends, followers and interested parties from any and all sources is a major benefit and value to any business.  Yopine works with brands, broadcasters and publishers to make the feedback loop as simple, quick and effective as possible.  We work with companies from national broadcasters to giants in banking and wealth management.


The Yopine/Linkedin integration is the latest in work done to offer our customers a better and more far reaching set of returns in the form of feedback and data.  In the next several weeks we will begin launching our “STAR” platform which is a business console enabling polling both across continents and across the room.  Look out for proximal awareness polling and brainstorming and a bunch of other fun, cool and innovative products from Yopine.


Every voice counts.