Yopine v2.1 is live! What's New

By Janie Willner, Marketing and Social Media Manager


Yopine 2.1 is now up and running, with several important updates: 

1) People Around Me: Yopine is now fully hyperlocal and proximally aware across iOS and Android.  This means that users can poll or brainstorm exclusively the people around them.  Yopine uses patented technology to enable content sharing inside buildings, stores, conferences, trade shows, festivals, arenas, stadiums or even entire neighborhoods. 

2) Invite Friends: Users are now presented the opportunity to invite friends to Yopine (through Facebook, Twitter, email, text, or link) upon logging in for the first time and after every 10 bits of content they create. Users can also always invite friends from the Settings menu, or from the 'gear' icon in the upper right corner of the Explore page. This will facilitate the growth of the number of Yopine users in a way that benefits the individual user's social experience. 

3) #Hashtag search: Now hashtags can be added to content to indicate the subject of the poll or brainstorm. Much like Twitter and Instagram, these hashtags enable users to search content by category and to be aware of trending topics. Hashtags can be added to a poll or brainstorm at the time of creation, and can be searched by tapping the 'gear' icon on the Explore page. 

4) User search: Now we can search for individual Yopine users and view the public content they've created, by tapping the 'gear' icon on the Explore page. Soon users will have the ability to "follow" one another, allowing for a more customized content feed and enhancing the social experience of Yopine. 

5) Comment deletion/report: Comments on polls or brainstorms are easily deleted by the author of the comment, by swiping left on the comment. Others can use the same method to report questionable comments to Yopine. This grants the user more control over the content of his or her own interaction with others.