A Sneak Peek at Yopine’s Upcoming Features

Maryann Chan - Yopine

After releasing v1.0, Yopine has received much praise for its design, usability, and universality, among other things, but the Yopine team is always looking to improve the product. Be sure to check out these new features in the near future:


Photo capabilities will allow you to take a picture, choose from your existing gallery, or find one from the web to accompany your poll or brainstorm. The new version will also include photo-filtering options for you to transform your pictures. Not sure which dress you should wear to that wedding this weekend or which tie is more appropriate for your upcoming presentation? Snap a quick picture, add a cool filter, and send it to your friends or the Yopine community to help you decide!



Sometimes you need to gather a lot of input without simply asking the public, but sending similar polls to the same groups of people can be tedious. Yopine is intended to be a quick and fun way to gather opinions, so you can look forward to grouping capabilities in the next versions. You can plan the next reunion by calling a poll to your “Family” group and get ideas about next semester’s classes or work advice from your “PSYC101” or “Coworkers” groups by calling a brainstorm. Now you can easily communicate with the same groups of frequently contacted people at once without having to individually select them from a lengthy list. Along the same lines, the current contact selection process will be redesigned.

Social Media Integration

By allowing users to integrate with popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, getting ideas from your online friends becomes even easier! This creates an outlet of interaction outside of your phone’s contacts list. Post questions directly from the app to your newsfeeds for your friends and followers to participate in. 

social integration.png



Have something on your mind you want to share about the poll, the brainstorm, or others’ responses? The commenting feature will let you give input in more ways that one.